Which one should I use for my business – PPC or SEO?

Well, this query is same as any one of below lines.

  • What are The Difference Between Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertisings?

  • Google Ads PPC vs SEO?

  • SEO vs. PPC: Differences, pros, cons

  • SEO vs. PPC: What’s the Difference Between SEO and PPC?

  • SEO VS PPC Comparison?

Here, we are introducing you through some differences between PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization/ Organic Result). After going through these all given pros & cons of PPC & SEO, you can smartly choose:-

  • PPC or SEO is good for your business?

  • Only PPC should you opt?

  • Only SEO should you Opt?

  • Should you make a balance between SEO and PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click)SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
1. A Paid Technique used to drive traffic to your site1. A Free technique used to drive traffic to your site.
2. You need to pay for each keyword you are using2. There is no any fee applied on using Keywords. You can use unlimited KWs without any cost.
3. You can show your Ads on top of the SERP without performing much efforts on Contents & websites.3. You can come on first Page or positions on SERP only after giving hard efforts in optimizing your website and contents for your selected keywords.
4. You can show your ad on the first page or above your competitor ads by paying a higher bidding amount to Google.4. It’s not impossible to show Your website on top of the SERP without doing a hard effort on a regular basis.
5. You will be charged only if anyone is taking action on your shown info (as ads).5. You will not charge a single penny if someone is clicking on your shown info (as a website)
6. You can reach up to a mass audience without waiting for the longest time6. You need to give full effort at least for a couple of months, then only you expect a huge traffic.
7. The more money you spend, the more leads/ conversions you will get7. The more time you spend, the more leads/ conversions you will get
8. You can hire a Profession PPC Expert or can run the campaign by own8. You can hire an SEO Expert or can run the campaign by own
9. If you are not optimizing the campaigns properly, the technique will ruin your budget9. If you are not doing SEO in a good way, it will not ruin your site but you will not get a good result
10. You need to create impressive ad copies by maintaining a good Quality Score to get good impressions for your business.10. You need to create quality content by maintaining Keyword Density properly in terms to get the higher number of visitors to your website.
11. You can target your very niche audience by doing a proper campaign setup.11. You can’t target the audience to show your info. It may be a broad targeting traffic.
12. You can target up to 5 Million keywords at a time inside an Ads account12. It’s near to impossible to target for the higher number of keywords even in many years.
13. A fixed number of space available on the Google Search Engine Result Page to show ads for every advertiser13. There is no limit of space to show your web info throughout the SERP
14. Ads will run till then only if your wallet is loaded of money14. No need to wait for money to start exploring your business info
15. The ads will stop showing immediately after vanishing your added budget.15. Continue to get organic traffic without spending a single penny.
16. Conversion is quick and measurable from day one16. Little hard to get Conversion in a short time
17. You need to do proper setup by choosing the options given inside Campaign Settings. You don’t need to do any activities going through third party sites or tools17. You need to use a lot of third-party sites and tools along with your internal website settings to get traffic on your site.
18. You can start to run your campaign with # number of keywords depending on your budget.18. You can start optimizing your website for # number of keywords depending on how much effort you are going to put on.


Hope you learned some new things from this blog. Your comment will inspire me to share more knowledge with you by using my experience and skill.

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