Is there a setup fee?

If you are looking for a consultant, only to set up your Adwords account, campaign, adgroups, ads etc. then it’s a chargeable otherwise it’s free if you are taking Google Adwords complete service.

What type of account do I need?

The easy and popular Gmail account is enough. You can also create the free accounts anytime at any platform.

Is there a minimum budget I should have for this service?

It’s vary niche to niche. If you don’t have many competitors then you can even start with 100 to  500 rupees a day.

Is there a contract?

Off course, we want to create a good relationship with our client and at the same time, we give the independency to stop the services at any time. We refresh our contract monthly basis, which is a zero long term contracts.

Can I see the Ads before making it live?

Off course! You can see the text ads, Image Ads & Email Ads before making it live. Will also do changes as per your expectations.

How will I get to know, how many person have taken action on my Ad?

Well! We setup the ads with Google Analytics & other tracking codes. So that, you can see it and take the actions on the basis of result for betterment of your services/ products in next campaigns.

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