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PPC Service for Small Business Free Google Adwords Help Center Online

1 Campaigns Setup

Highly Relevant Keywords

Multiple Adgroups & Ad Copies

Sitelink, Call Out, Message, Call Extensions

Conversion & Call Tracking

Link Adwords & Analytics Account


PPC Service for Medium Business Free Google Adwords Help Center Online

3 Campaigns Setup

Highly Relevant Keywords

Multiple Adgroups & Ad Copies

Sitelink, Call Out, Message, Call Extensions

Conversion & Call Tracking


PPC Service for Large Business Free Google Adwords Help Center Online

Multiple Campaigns Setup

10 Ads per Ad Group

Multiple Adgroups & Ad Copies

Extensions – Sitelink, Call Out, Message, Call, Review, Locations and all other

Conversion & Call Tracking



  • Get response from the first day
  • You can start showing your ads even if you don’t have your website
  • Full budget control is in your hand
  • Customize targeting to the creamy customer
  • Flexible to start and stop campaigns whenever you want
  • Real-time report of ROI including each and every cent
  • No Keywords limitations. Use up to 5 Million KWs in your campaigns

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we are dedicated to Adwords & Content Creation services to become a helping hand in our client’s success growth.

Activities to Target a Mass

PPC, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Youtube Ads, Content Marketing, Re-marketings and further more

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  • PPC Cost Management
  • Dynamic Ad Creation
  • Automatic Bid adjust

Know about Google Adwords Pay Per Click before starting

Affordable Google Adwords Campaign Management Services

Google Adwords – Pay Per Click (PPC) SERVICES


By Er Megha Agrawal


Search Campaigns

Mobile Ads

Display Campaigns

YouTube Video Ads

Shopping Ads



Search Campaigns : The search campaign shows the text ads which is highly converting ad offered by Google. The text ad is working dynamically to fit in any format.

Mobile Ads : In this technical era, the majority of world’s population is using mobile. And so, it is the easiest platform to target your customers on the go.
Display Campaigns : It’s beneficial if you are planning to make a brand of your business.  In display campaigns, your add will be reflected on the Google Partner Websites shorting by your business niche.

YouTube Video Ads : It has been said that YouTube is the second largest search engine for these decades. Same like Display Campaign, you can show your video on similar informative videos available on YouTube.

Shopping Ads : As the name clear out, this ad shows the product details to your audience. If you are a seller on Amazon, Flipkart or another site, or have your own e-commerce website, then it’s beneficial for you to approach more customers running shopping ads.

Re-marketing : By using any or all of the above campaigns, you will get mass number of leads. And in Marketing, this is a thumb rule to re-approach your client for the other products or update them for your service or business. Here, this is done by running Re-Marketing Campaigns. Which allow you to filter your audience again and again for more sales.

We will optimize your PPC Campaign following the below strategies:

  • Create Multiple Campaigns for your targeted location
  • Create Multiple AdGroups to create maximum possibilities of lead generation
  • Create Multiple Ad Copies targeting to show maximum info about your business to maximize clicks
  • Ad Multiple Ad Extensions, such as Sitelinks, Call & Call Out, Location, Reviews and others
  • Target Maximum Keywords to not lose a single traffic
  • Will Use Maximum possible -ve Keywords to save unwanted clicks
  • Will keep tracking the performance of ads, so that in minimum budget and time, you get higher Return on Your Investment

What’s benefits of Mithvin’s Professional AdWords Management Service?

  • Dynamic Ad Creation
  • Custom Bid adjust for Keywords, location, device, etc
  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Google ads creation & testing
  • Help with Optimizing PPC Friendly Landing Pages
  • Call & Conversion Tracking Integration
  • PPC Monitoring
  • PPC Cost Management
  • Campaign Improvement Modification
  • Competitive Research
  • Google Analytics review
  • & much more



Google AdWords Campaign Report

Generally, we share weekly report in a certain format. But as per our mutual understanding, we will give you more customized reports if you required.

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